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If it is determined that an orthotic is appropriate from the detailed assessment then casting of the foot in biomechanical subtalar neutral is done in semi-weight bearing with foam impressions or a GaitScan.


Neutral impressions are very important in order to have a reference point of the foot’s ideal position. (At this point a force plate assessment is not good enough, largely because it’s only 2-dimensional information about a complex 3-dimensional foot). Every patient has a different neutral arch position. The foam mold is a 3D volumetric cast of the foot in a subtalar neutral position, which is important in order to manufacture a custom orthotic as it shows us the parameters of the ideal position.


The GaitScan is a digital casting device that allows practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and order custom orthotic products. The neutral cast is scanned by The Orthotic Group and corrected with advanced software to ensure the orthotics are fit to the specifications from the detailed assessment. The GaitScan has 4,096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second which allows the practitioner to see the biomechanics of your foot that the naked eye cannot catch. The corrected scan of your patient’s foot is downloaded to a state of the art milling machine where a wooden positive model of the patient’s foot is manufactured. 

How is the orthotic made?

Orthotics Fees

Foam Impressions


Most extended health care plans cover custom orthotics and/or orthopedic shoes, however it is important to confirm with your insurance provider what is needed. There are new restrictions placed on who can make orthotics so an important question to ask your insurance company is if physiotherapists can make them. Along with, if you require a Doctor’s Referral and what method (Foam Mold or GaitScan) are you approved for. If a physiotherapist can make them we start with an initial orthotic assessment, which is 1 hour long. This assessment will include a comprehensive analysis of your foot through performing a foam impression or a gait scan analysis (whichever the insurance company has requested). We will require of you a $100.00 deposit on the date of the assessment as the orthotic order will be placed to The Orthotic Group. When the orthotics arrive we will contact you to schedule an orthotic fitting appointment which is approximately 30 minutes long. When you receive the orthotics the remaining balance of $300.00 is to be paid. You will be provided an invoice for the total $400.00 charge which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


The fee for a custom orthotics includes:

- A detailed biomechanical assessment of the foot and entire lower kinetic chain

- Differentiation of foot type, forefoot and hindfoot deformities, foot pathologies, joint range of motion, muscle patterning, etc...

- Gait Analysis

- Education regarding shoe wear, orthotics, etc...

- Follow-up Appointments

- Required orthotic modification

Products Available

In addition to custom orthotics, we are also able to supply our patients with custom footwear including shoes and sandals. The stylish custom shoes and sandals are handcrafted with a custom orthotic molded to a removable cork footbed for the ultimate in comfort and support. Please note the fee is $500.00 for the custom footwear. 

If you wish to view available orthopedic footwear please visit The Orthotic Group website:



GaitScan Analysis

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